Static Digital Slide on ATM Screen

Audio Visual Advertising on ATM Screen

  • Av(Client TVC Appears on the Screen in Regular Intervals
  • Minimum Inserts in a day are 200 with the TVC length up to 30 sec

  • Main Signage Space Sharing

  • Space Sharing can be done on the main signage utilizing 60% of the Singnage space
  • One signage per ATM centre

  • ATM Machine Wrap(Full Wrap)

  • ATM wrap have been introduced recently. This will cover all visible areas of the ATM Machine .Along with the floor stickers. A good innovation to use the space can get grater eyeballs

  • ATM Centre Front Glass

  • Front Glass can be done on either ATM Door or ATM WIndow
  • One signage per ATM centre

  • ATM Centre Inside Room Poster

  • Inside poster is Placed at a prominent location within the room visible to any one who walks in.

  • Promoter Activity space at ATM site

  • Ground activation is very well possible except 30% ATM whcih are smaller in space
  • Display Sample and test launch through the site directly or via promoter at site.
  • Placing of manpower within the ATM site for product/services to be offered.
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